Grower Instructions

To utilize the GrowsInHouse Grower system you will first need one of our 1 or 2 liter grower kits. Once it arrives you’ll need a clean 1 or 2 liter matching soda bottle* which will become the water reservoir and roof of your grower. With both the grower kit and your clean bottle in hand do the following:

Using scissors or a knife, cut the bottle in two about three to four inches from the bottom. Don’t worry if your first attempt is not perfect, there is about an inch of material in the cutting area that can be sacrificed to make the edges clean and straight.

Next you will need to moisten the grower’s wick. This step is EXTREMELY important. If the grower is assembled with the wick dry it will not work! To enable you to do this without having to thread the wick through the grower’s wick tube yourself we’ve installed it for you and tied a knot at the upper (soil) end. Pull the wick down as far as the knot will allow you to. Run the wick under running water and thoroughly wet it. Once the lower portion of the wick is wet pull it back through the grower until you can flip the grower base over and moisten the dirt end of the wick as well. When this step is done the entire wick should be wet. Pull the wick through the grower base so that half is above it (the dirt end) and half is below (the reservoir end).

Carefully slide the lower portion of the soda bottle onto the reservoir end of the grower base. The fit should be tight, especially if you intend on later hanging the grower from its cap. Carefully push the bottle half up over the small retention tabs on the grower base.

Your grower is now ready for soil. Fill in the grower base with a good quality planting soil. The wick should be positioned around the edges of the soil region, about 1/2 inch below the surface.

Plant your seeds.

Carefully slide the upper portion of your bottle down over the top of the grower base. As you did with the bottom, slide it down over the retention tabs. Screw the breather cap on.

Take the grower to a water source and fill the reservoir via the filler on the side of the grower. Take care not to tip the grower while filling it. Fill the water level to within on half inch of the bottom of the grower base. 

Your GrowsInHouse Grower is now ready to grow your plants. It can sat on a surface to grow or it can be hung using the breather cap and a piece of string or yarn (not included). Happy Growing!


*One and two liter soda bottles are not all shaped the same. Our GrowsInHouse Grower system works best with standard, straight-sided bottles as are used by most store-brand and some name brand soda brands. Bottles with sides that curve inwards will not work with the GrowsInHouse system.