2 Liter Grower Kit- ALGA


We can print your 2 liter grower kit in three different materials: PLA, Wood PLA, or ALGA algae-based filament. This is the ALGA version of our grower.

ALGA is a specialized 3d print filament created by Algix 3d in Mississippi. The material is specially formulated using nuisance algae and PLA as a binder. Growers printed with ALGA may not be the prettiest out of the three material options, but they are the most sustainable. ALGA will break biodegrade under normal composting conditions which makes it our most biodegradable option.  Select this material if you only plan to use your grower once.

The 2 liter PLA Grower kit contains a grower base/coupler, a vented cap and a cotton wick.


Our 2 Liter Grower kit printed for you in biodegradable and COMPOSTABLE ALGA algae-based material.


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