Grow a Garden…in your home!

What is a GrowsInHouse Grower?

The GrowsInHouse Grower is designed to give you a convenient in-home greenhouse that can be used to germinate, grow and keep healthy plants and herbs in your home or office (or car, or classroom, etc).

Our proprietary grower design includes a self-watering system so that you can “plant it and leave it,” and not have to worry about daily watering of your horticultural project.

Two examples of our ALGA-printed fully compostable grower in use.

The Environment

As educators, we feel very strongly that the future well being of our environment and planet should be taken into consideration whenever a new product is developed and brought to market. To that end, we have designed our growers to utilize existing 1 liter and 2 liter soda bottles in their design (upcycling). To ensure that the grower components we create do not harm the environment, we’ve carefully designed biodegradability into their design. By utilizing 3D printing (as opposed to plastic injection molding) we are able to construct our growers using materials that will fully biodegrade over time. 3D printing also allows us to design and manufacture  our growers with an internal “decomposition matrix” of small voids that will aid in the eventual decomposition process.